Delete FXP Files

Delete FXP Files 1.9

Delete FXP Files is an application to delete stubborn directories and filenames
1.9.138 (See all)
JRTwine Software, LLC.

Delete FXP Files is an application that provides you with a GUI you can use to easily delete stubborn directories and filenames. Many times, these kinds of files/directories are the direct result of getting "tagged", which can happen if your system is exposed to the Internet. This usually results in various folders and/or files being created that contain reserved identifiers which confuse Windows Explorer, making it difficult to delete them.

The Delete FXP Files application correctly handles situations like these, allowing you to easily remove those directories and files.

Delete FXP Files requires Windows NT4.0/2000/XP or higher. IE 5.0 or greater should be installed as well.

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